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Did you know that Google Maps was developed by a small Australian start-up who sold this map service to Google in 2004? After the launch of the platform in the United States and Canada, various countries in Europe followed in April 2006.

Meanwhile, this online map service can be used on almost every mobile phone, tablet and desktop. By using satellite images, aerial photography and 360° panorama images, Google Maps can show almost any place on earth. For example, you can see from behind your screen what parks and streets there are in Los Angeles, Tokyo or Cape Town.

The possibilities of Google Maps

If you want to travel from one location to another, you can use Google Maps to create a route. You can enter all the addresses where you want to stop on the way and the program will show you several routes. Often you can choose between the fastest and the shortest route.

The route you map out for your journey by car, bike or public transport becomes even more interesting because you will also be able to see along the way whether you will encounter any toll roads, where there are restaurants and where you can park at your destination. With Google Maps directions, you can travel safely to your destination without stress.

How does Google Maps work?

By connecting all the information from the search engine and other applications, Google can offer you a very complete route planner. It is even so comprehensive that Google Maps offers a Street View function. These are 360-degree images of roads and cities taken with special camera cars. This makes it easy for you to check whether you have arrived at the right place before or upon arrival.

Like any route planner, Google Maps has a menu for your route where you can enter the places of departure and arrival. Additional information about hotels, shops and other facilities in the place you are looking for can be easily clicked on.

If you like to use a personalised custom map, Google My Maps gives you the opportunity to do so. You can add points and amenities that are important to you and even include shapes on such a map. Photos and videos can also be added.

How much data does google maps use?

Google Maps is free to use as a platform and you do not have to pay a membership fee if you create an account. So what are the costs of navigating with Google Maps?

You will have to pay for the MB that Google Maps uses to download the maps. Depending on where you are, a map of a busy city with many roads will cost more MB than a map of a small village with only a few streets.

On average, Google Maps uses about 35 MB to show your route. It depends on your provider how much you pay per MB and whether you are abroad or not. There too, creating a route with Google Maps is easy.

Google Maps is now such a big player in the field of free travel planners, route planning software and road maps that many other apps use Google’s technology as the basis for their own mapping software.

With many ground-breaking and innovative features, such as Street View, Google Maps is a real powerhouse and an invaluable resource for millions of people around the world.