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Easily search for a postcode by address, an address by postcode or search on the map using Google Maps.

Search and find a postcode by address or vice versa

You can easily find an address by entering the street name, house number and/or city. Of course it is just as easy to find an address with a postcode or on the map in Google Maps.


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Searching for a postcode then and now

In order for Royal Mail to have your mail delivered correctly in the UK, you need not only the address but also the corresponding postcode. The postcode in the UK were adopted nationally between 11 October 1959 and 1974 and was created to make sorting and delivering mail easier. Searching for a postcode unit used to be difficult, but fortunately the advent of the digital age has changed that.

You now have a number of easy ways at your disposal if you want to find a postcode for an address. So you can be sure that the important correspondence you need to send will reach its destination on time.

Find the correct postcode

The combination of the street number and the associated postcode is unique for each address. It may happen that you want to send mail to someone whose address is all you know. How can you then find the right postcode for that address?

The Royal Mail website is the answer. With the Royal Mail postcode finder, you simply enter the address and street number and the correct postcode is shown immediately. Apart from this site, there are a number of other websites that can help you find the postcode. However, please note that the information on these sites may be incorrect or out of date.

How is our postcode structured?

In the United Kingdom, postcodes follow the following pattern:
A0 0AA, A00 0AA, A0A 0AA, AA0 0AA, AA00 0AA, AA0A 0AA, AAAA 0AA
In addressing, the postcode is placed under the place name, for example: Falkirk FK1 1AG

The advantage of the national postcode system is that you cannot only search for a postcode. You can also use the system the other way round to search for an address in a postcode. This way you can double check that the data you have is completely correct. You can then be sure that your mail will be delivered as quickly as possible.

Other ways to find a postcode

In addition to using the aforementioned websites to find a postcode for an address or vice versa, you can also use websites that work with maps. How does a postcode search on a map work? You enter the street name to which you want to find the correct postcode on the map and then the street and postcode are shown on the map.

If you do not know the house number, you will see all the house numbers that belong to it. Using the zoom function, you can find both the correct number and the correct postcode. Some of these sites where you can search for a postcode on a map even give you extra information such as the type of house, the building function, the year of construction and the surface area associated with the address.

So use these websites if you want to find or check a postcode or address. You will prevent your mail from taking longer than necessary or being delivered incorrectly.

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